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Characteristics and application of toughening modifier CPE


CPE is an abbreviation for Chlorinated Polyethylene. It is white powder after drying and is non-toxic.

Characteristics of CPE:

Since the CPE molecule does not contain double chains, it has good weather resistance, and has better flame resistance and thermal stability than PVC, and has low cost and excellent performance. Soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons, insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons, decomposes above 170 °C, emits hydrogen chloride gas, it has stable chemical structure, excellent aging resistance, flame resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, free coloring, resistance Chemical, ozone and electrical insulation as well as good compatibility and processability, can be blended with PVC, PE, PS and rubber to improve its physical properties.

Application of CPE:
1. Application in waterproofing membrane CPE-increasing PVC waterproofing membrane, due to the excellent characteristics of CPE, the tensile strength of the new product is increased by 80%, the tear strength is increased by 50%, and its mechanical weathering resistance and low temperature resistance are Performance such as aging resistance is improved. It is very popular among the construction department (the amount of CPE added is 10%-15%). Neoprene CPE waterproofing membrane and neoprene CPE styrene butadiene rubber waterproofing membrane have the advantages of high strength, high elasticity, high elongation, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, cold resistance, aging resistance and flame retardancy. The waterproof material has a broad market.
2. Blending plastic doors and windows with CPE and PVC to improve the elasticity, toughness and low temperature performance, weather resistance, heat resistance and chemical stability. The plastic doors and windows are cheap, corrosion-resistant and colorful. Bright, more prominent than aluminum alloy doors and windows, has largely replaced aluminum doors and windows, and the market will become more and more broad.
3. Application in wire and cable sheath: The addition of CPE can improve its yin burning performance, anti-aging performance and physical and mechanical properties. It can also be made into CPE as the main body, and it is made of wire and cable covering material with excellent performance.
4. Incorporating CPE Elastomer into PE can improve its printability, flame resistance and flexibility. After adding 5% CPE to HDPE, the adhesion of the resulting mixture to the ink was increased by a factor of three. It has good Flame Retardant performance after adding CPE to mine PE hose.
5, CPE as the main material application: can produce oil-resistant, acid-resistant, folding, ozone-resistant and freon resistant performance of the hose, suitable for the manufacture of hydraulic hoses, cooler hoses, fuel hoses and so on. The imitation leather sole made of CPE has excellent performance.
6. Application of CPE in the transmission belt: It can manufacture heat-resistant transmission belt, and has good resistance to non-polar solvent swelling. The adhesion and flexing times of the tape layers of the transmission belt produced by using CPE/NR/SBR and rubber are used. It is higher than the transmission belt made of pure rubber, which prolongs the service life, and also improves the shrinkage of the pure rubber compound after rolling, the poor permeability of the pressure-delay rubber in the textile, and the easy bonding of the molded preform. Improve the weather resistance and flame retardancy of the belt.
7. CPE is used together with other rubbers: CPE has good compatibility with various rubbers, and CPE and NR are blended. Its wear resistance, fatigue resistance, acid resistance and alkalinity are better. Compared with NBR and CR, the price is better. low. CPR and NBR have improved oil resistance and excellent heat-resistant oxygen aging properties, and can be used to manufacture oil-resistant hoses and oil-resistant sealing products.

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